Experts in handling harmful chemicals

Handling harmful chemical requires full attention and knowledge about even the smallest components of the products. Trust us to handle the chemicals and free up your time and resources with the help of Environment & Industry by Bang & Bonsomer

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We are professionals in handling harmful chemicals

and want to free up our customers’ resources for their own business. Our selection includes standard, customised, and speciality products, which are processed and packaged at our premises in Finland or at our suppliers’ premises around the world per customer’s wishes.

We develop, manufacture, and distribute process chemicals and ingredients that are used in e.g. water treatment, flue gas cleaning, soil remediation, food, feed and process industry.

In addition to the chemicals, we also offer design and engineering services. Dosing systems for the storage tanks and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), spill control, weight control, automatic filling, installation, and testing.

Chemical products require particularly careful attention, as they are often difficult to handle and require special attention to the smallest details. Business Unit Environment & Industry provides engineering and design services to optimise workflows by improving safety, environmental protection, efficiency, optimisation and reuse of resources, raw materials, and waste.