Efficient processes

Our aim is to offer most efficient processes with eliminating un-necessary work steps and therefore saving time and money

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  • Occupational safety
  • Eliminating unnecessary work steps
  • Process automation
  • Ensuring availability
  • Selection of more suitable products
  • Contract and toll manufacturing
  • Environmental legislation and compliance with permit limits

Our goal is to make the usage of industrial chemicals as easy for our customers as possible. Through optimization of supply and logistics we make sure that you have the capability to run your operations smoothly. We pride ourselves in the agility of our operations and the partnerships we form with our clients.

Bang & Bonsomer Environment & Industry is constantly mindful of the environmental impact, which is why we work together with our clients to minimise the negative impact on the planet. The efficient packaging and logistics solutions help us decrease the impact on nature and maximise occupational safety. Our packaging solutions for industrial chemicals are more than 90% recyclable. Contact us for more information.