Constantly mindful of environmental impact

Environment & Industry business division is constantly re-evaluating the environmental impact of our products and services. Our aim is to enlarge circular economy products in our portfolio in the coming years. In recent developments Cuitu(r) is a green product our team takes great pride in.

Read about our production capabilities in the next chapter.




has a strong application know-how and R&D capabilities. Technical development and studies of products possible with our R&D department. We invest on new circular economy technological platforms like f.ex. biopolymers / MFC products.

We develop our products and services almost in every case together with our customers and partners to achieve optimal result. We first start development processes from literature, publications, technical drawings etc before we move on to application laboratory and to pilot scale production before actual production at our site.

Our goal is to make the usage of industrial chemicals as easy for our customers as possible. Through optimization of supply and logistics we make sure that you have the capability to run your operations smoothly. We pride ourselves in the agility of our operations and the partnerships we form with our clients.

Bang & Bonsomer Environment & Industry is constantly mindful of environmental impact, which is why we work together with our clients to minimise the negative impact on the planet. The efficient packaging and logistics solutions help us decrease the impact on nature and maximise occupational safety.